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About us

Established in 2013, Skyeye Global is an unmanned aircraft solutions provider that integrates engineering and manufacturing with services that enable the technology for federal, state, local, and commercial clients. As a growing company, Skyeye Global has the engineering, manufacturing, and operations expertise needed to help you bring unmanned aircraft capabilities to your organization at economically affordable prices.
Skyeye Global has a robust research and development platform providing ongoing advanced integration and customisation capacities. The company is built around the fields of expertise and practical experience in research and development for unmanned systems and data transfer communication. page1_pic1

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what we do?


We are focused on providing solutions that meet the high quality standards our clients expect for their data surveillance and transmission collection. Our goal is to maximize the value of unmanned aircraft for our clients by ensuring that they can safely and efficiently collect data that is precise, accurate, and timely.

Mission is in the Possible
Our mission is to use unmanned aircraft to simplify and increase the effectiveness of data collection in:

Law and Safety Surveillance
Search and Rescue Surveillance
Boarder Patrol
Natural Resources and Animal Conservation Patrol
Construction and Infrastructure Research
Precision Agriculture Surveillance
Inspection and Monitoring Surveillance
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what`s new?

Eagle Soaring Communication Advancement
Offering one commercial-grade drone modulated for every mission scenario. Our drone is designed for reliability and constructed for efficient data collection and delivery with real-time results through speed and accuracy using 3G and 4 G networks. High-quality video and data with an option of many available modular enhancements.page1_pic3

Eagle Command- Intelligent Mission Control
We have developed an Intelligent Mission Control network that allows one main drone to interface and direct the other drones to carry out and change missions autonomously. This network ability and data management with real-time quality control will harvest guaranteed results anytime, anywhere, transmitting data on anything.Turnkey data processing to provide for data analysis for your specific application is ready to integrate into your existing demands. Skyeye Global offers dedicated customer support, service, and training to ensure your organization achieves quicker results safely and efficiently.

We are Eyes In The Sky: Exceeding Expectations – Engineering Expertise

Eagle UAS Drone
Designed from years of research and engineering specialization for drone development, Skyeye Global has manufactured a revolutionary UAS drone technology that work seamlessly to provide a complete data collection sequence workflow. One size can fit all, and one drone can do the work of many. The Eagle UAS is your eye in the sky cutting costs though making the best use of a mid- size champion drone.
The Eagle UAS System brings together the platform, payload and control options that will meet both your data requirements and mission’s operational profile. The professional-grade components in the Eagle USA System are fully compatible so you deploy now with the capabilities you need and have future flexibility to upgrade to new technology or respond to changing requirements. The Eagle UAS system can integrate additional options of available enhancements for your mission demands.

Eagle Software Manager Suite


The Eagle Manager Suite integrates your operational logistics, flight planning, payload control and post-mission data management into an efficient workflow. Skyeye Global bundles this software with every system purchased, ensuring you get the most out of your drone. The drone is proprietary to the software.

    why us?



    Skyeye Global is a company that designs and manufactures superior commercial- grade unmanned aerial systems that can offer target acquisition to be integrated into existing communication methods, cellphones, and emergency response systems. Our scientists have discovered innovative cutting- edge technologies to serve the needs of many audiences offering any user the ability to survey vast areas in an economically available method. These are unmanned systems allowing for the reduction to loss of life, and increase the web of communication through many drones for only a single ground operator. Autonomous flight, redundant positioning, and multiple drones on a single IP address are a few examples of what Skyeye Global systems can offer to improve day to day operations.